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About Us


Founded by Dan and Cathy Haught, MasterScapes® has been designing, constructing, and maintaining the landscape of the Big Country since January 1992.

Growing up, Dan mowed lawns for his dad to put himself through school, both private high school and college.  Fresh with new ideas and degrees from Abilene Christian University, Dan and Cathy purchased the lawn service from his dad because they firmly believed the business had potential to grow.  And so, the company was born with a few pieces of equipment and shared office space.

Today, Dan and Cathy continue to work happily side by side. They have grown MasterScapes® into a full-service landscape design, maintenance, and water management company offering over 20 different services to clients. For more than two decades, hard work and innovation have shaped MasterScapes® into an award-winning landscape firm.

Mission and Values

Our dream is to cultivate an environment that practices integrity, values relationships, and fosters learning in order to improve lives. Our core values of innovation, knowledge, efficiency, relationships, and honesty guide our conduct and decision making in delivering the highest quality service to provide you with a landscape for life.

Landscape for Life™

For us, Landscape for Life is a multi-meaning phrase by which we live and work.  It is a reminder that our purpose is to improve outdoor spaces that ultimately improve the lives of others. 

To this end, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to craft a landscape that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.  We are also committed to design integrity and quality materials that lengthen the lifetime of your landscape.

Lastly, we are committed to helping you love your landscape more.  We hope to improve your life by caring for your landscape so you can enjoy it worry free.