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Why work in the landscape industry?

The American Nursery & Landscape Association predicts that the green industry will continue to have attractive openings for a wide range of college graduates and many technical or two-year school students.

A landscape career provides an opportunity to work with natural products that protect and improve the environment. Research shows that, among many benefits, plants help purify our air and water, they guard against erosion, and provide shelter, warmth, cooling effects, windbreaks, food, and beauty.  Current research even tells us that beautiful natural views enhance our well-being.

Professionals in the landscape industry bring these benefits to the public in a variety of ways.  A wide range of interests and educational/employment experience is valuable to the industry.  Here are a few:  agricultural sciences, business administration, biology, agronomy, forestry, horticulture, soil management, mechanics, marketing, advertising, communications, sales, retailing, landscape design, educational research, packaging, and transportation.

Many nursery and landscape managers at all levels learn their skills on the job, advancing as their knowledge and skills grow.  Others bring to the job skills they developed while preparing for a different career.  And others become skilled through formal educational programs combined with industry employment experience.