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Common Weeds in Abilene

Posted on 03/01/18

Abilene’s soil and climate provide the perfect growth environment for many weeds. Here are a few of the peskiest weeds we see:

Dandelion – This broadleaf, flowering weed can be found year-round throughout Texas and most of the United States. Dandelions spread quickly when seeds are blown through the air or if the weed’s taproot sends out additional shoots.

Thistle – Thistle is a prickly, flowering broadleaf weed that, if left unmanaged, can grow to heights of 2 – 5 feet. Thistles thrive in sandy soil or clay, making them common in this region. Their blooms produce small, purple flowers in Spring. 

Photo courtesy of the Purdue University.

Nutsedge – Looking almost like a grass, Nutsedge, or Nut grass, can fool you into thinking it belongs in your lawn. Unfortunately, it spreads quickly making it hard to control. If left unmanaged, it can take over sections of your lawn as large as 10 feet in diameter. 

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University. 

Khaki weed – In your lawn, on your shoes, and in your house, the effects of Khaki weed can last longer than the weed itself. Khaki weed is a broadleaf, warm-season weed that produces spiny burrs which love to stick to shoes and people. 

We are beginning our pre-emergent treatment this month to prevent weed growth as we move into the warmer weather of Spring. Contact us today to start cultivating a healthy lawn.