New Water Restrictions

Posted on 08/04/09

ABILENE, Texas – Starting today, August 4, outdoor lawn watering in the City of Abilene and its wholesale water customers is limited to two days per week. This afternoon at City Hall, Mayor Norm Archibald made the announcement to heighten the City’s water conservation measures.

“Due to a dry, hot summer, our reservoir levels are significantly lower than they’ve been in nearly two years,” said Mayor Norm Archibald. “Conditions are appropriate to change our water conservation efforts to a two day per week watering schedule. Until we receive more rain, citizens can help do their part by conserving water whenever possible.”

Watering is permitted 12 midnight until 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. until 12 midnight on a customer’s designated watering day. The customer’s watering day is determined by the last digit of the house number of property address.  

Designated Watering Days:

Thursday, Sunday -  Odd numbered addresses

Tuesday, Saturday - Even numbered addresses

Monday, Friday - Industrial, commercial, government customers, public and private schools and universities          

The two day per week outside lawn watering schedule will stay in effect until further notice.

Year round water restrictions with a three day per week watering schedule became effective August 30, 2007. According to the City of Abilene’s water conservation plan, the Mayor may call for two day per week watering when the Lake Fort Phantom Reservoir level is between five and ten feet below the spillway.

from the City of Abilene website

For more information about the City of Abilene Water Conservation plan, click here.