Recent Local Oak Wilt Confirmation

Posted on 06/10/10

Another diagnosis of Oak Wilt has been confirmed in the Tanglewood/River Oaks neighborhood in Abilene according to Scott Warren, Certified Arborist with MasterScapes®.  “An exact diagnosis can only be confirmed through lab work from a sample that tests positive for a fungal spore,” Warren explains.

Oak trees affected by Oak Wilt can decline very fast and no Oak species is immune from the fungus.  Outward signs of Oak Wilt include veined necrosis in the leaves, an appearance that the tree is dying.  Although treatment after infection is possible, the fungus is much easier to prevent than cure.confirmed Oak Wilt

Oak wilt

“The only accepted treatment method is chemical injection, rather than spraying or drenching.  Homeowners typically don’t do it themselves because the method of application is difficult,” says Warren.  “It’s important to  seek a Certified Arborist for Oak Wilt treatment or prevention not only for correct diagnosis, but also for proper treatment methods.  Size and health of a tree determine the injection duration which can range from 30 to 90 minutes per tree.”

“Oak Wilt treatment may seem expensive, but compared to the removal or replacement of Oak trees, it’s very affordable.  And a speciman Oak tree, one that’s 30 or 40 years old, is irreplacable.”

For more detailed information on Oak Wilt, please see the Oak Wilt Fact Sheet or contact Scott Warren, Certified Arborist, at MasterScapes®.