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Three Ways to Encourage Healthy Turf Growth

Posted on 05/25/18

Growing a healthy, beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It requires long-term care, which includes proper watering and regular maintenance. Topdressing, core aeration, and verticutting are three additional, specialized services that we offer to further improve the health of your turf.


Done to improve soil composition, topdressing is the process of spreading a thin layer of mixed material atop existing grass. Based on the needs of your soil, this material may be a combination of organic matter and soil or sand. This application helps grass grow in more densely, creating a fuller, lusher appearance. Topdressing may also benefit your lawn by leveling out minor grade changes with repeated application.

Core Aeration

Walking, playing, and mowing are all forms of traffic that increase soil compaction and can damage turf. We recommend annual core aeration, a process of extracting small soil plugs to improve air and nutrient circulation. Our West Texas soils are especially prone to compaction making this a necessary service for maintaining healthy turf.


Over time, your turf may develop a build-up of thatch, an under layer of dead grass, which makes it difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Verticutting, literally vertical mowing, is a process of thinly slicing into the turf, breaking up thatch to improve water intake and overall health and vigor. Note: Verticutting is not recommended for St. Augustine turf, but is usually a healthy service for Bermuda or Zoysia.

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