Timely Advice from Neil Sperry

Posted on 03/26/14

Neil Sperry, Texas horticulture expert and radio personality in the Dallas area, offers some great timely advice in his recent Fort Worth Star-Telegram article The Garden Guru: For a lush lawn, it's all about timing.  In the article, Sperry explains the importance of a proper sequence of corrective lawn care steps as well as the seasonal timing of those steps.

MasterScapes® has a staff of licensed and trained technicians who provide all of the services that Sperry mentions and who are eager to aid in your property care.  For more information about our wide range services, visit our Property Care Service page or call us at 325-692-1838.

Neil Sperry publishes Gardens magazine and hosts “Texas Gardening” on WBAP AM/FM.  For more information, visit neilsperry.com.