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Top 4 Elements of Fire Feature Design

Posted on 12/04/17

Not much brings people together or adds ambiance to an outdoor space like the glow of a warm fire. An outdoor fire feature can add a finished look to your property and extend the architectural elements of your home.

Here are a few key elements to think about when considering adding a fire feature to your outdoor space:

Function   Fire features come in a variety of forms, including fire places, fire pits, and fire sculptures. Deciding which will work best for your family and space depends on how you plan to use the feature. Fire features can make unique focal points for seating and can add lighting and warmth to your back yard.

Size and placement   You don’t need a large yard to incorporate a fire feature into your landscape’s design, however it is important that the fire feature be scaled to the space. Consider the surrounding area, including any overhead tree canopies and remaining yard or patio spaces.

Material   There are a variety of materials that can be used to build your fire feature, including brick, stone, concrete, and steel. The type and style of material can influence the atmosphere of the landscape and can create a rustic, modern, or refined setting.  Always use fire proof material on the interior of your fire feature for safety and longevity.

Fire Source   How effortless do you want your burning fire to be? Gas fire features are an easy to start, simple to maintain option. Wood burning fire features are also available if you prefer a traditional feel, but do require tending to when in use and cleaning afterwards.

At MasterScapes, we consider these and other factors when designing your ideal fire feature. If you are thinking of adding a fire feature to your outdoor space, contact us today.