Watering Restrictions Eased to Stage 1

Posted on 06/04/15

The City of Abilene is moving to Stage 1 – Water Alert in the Water Conservation Plan. Outdoor watering for City of Abilene water customers is expanded to one day per week. These changes come per the City’s Water Conservation Plan which outlines the trigger points for Stage 1 – Water Alert as Lake Ft. Phantom at 10 feet below the spillway if Lake Hubbard is below 60 percent capacity. Currently, Lake Hubbard is at 30 percent capacity and Lake Ft. Phantom is 13 feet below the spillway.

Despite moving to Stage 1 – Water Alert per the City’s Water Conservation Plan, City officials would like to remind residents that Abilene remains in a drought.

“We have been fortunate to receive some much needed rain the past few months. This rain has helped the water levels in our lakes rise and subsequently allows us to lessen water restrictions,” said Mayor Norm Archibald. “Although the water restrictions have changed, residents are still encouraged to use water wisely.”

Weekly watering is allowed in Stage 1. Watering is permitted midnight to 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight on a customer’s designated watering day. The customer’s watering day is determined by the last digit of their property address.

Last Digit of Property Address - Watering Day:

7 or 8* - Sunday
9 - Monday
0 - Tuesday
1 - Wednesday
2 - Thursday
3 or 4 - Friday
5 or 6* - Saturday

*The following provisions for non-residential customers have been made to correlate with regular weekday business hours: Non-residential customers with addresses ending in 7 or 8 will water Wednesday. Non-residential customers with addresses ending in 5 or 6 will water Tuesday.

The one day per week outside lawn watering schedule will stay in effect until further notice. Abilene’s Water Conservation Plan was originally adopted on June 12, 2003. According to the plan, the Mayor may call for Stage 2 Water Warning when the Lake Fort Phantom Reservoir level is 17 feet below the spillway.

For more information on the City’s Water Conservation Plan and ways to conserve water, visit http://saveabilenewater.com.

article from City of Abilene website