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Master Plan Design

Master Plan Design

MasterScapes® is a progressive design firm offering creative solutions for effective and enduring gardens.

Pre-construction Planning

Let us assist you in pre-construction planning on driveways or walkways.

Landscape Renovation Planning

Our design professionals work to create a custom plan just for you. See some examples here.

Retainer Wall Design

MasterScapes® is experienced in working with multi-grade projects. You can see examples of retainer walls in our photo gallery.

Patio Design

MasterScapes®’ design professionals create patio spaces that both meet your needs and suit your style. Browse our Patios, Fireplaces and Fire Pits, and Kitchens and Grills galleries to for ideas.

Water Feature Design

MasterScapes® has designed natural ponds and swimming pools of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our Water Features gallery shows off just a few.

Fencing Design

From picket to brick to iron and everything in between, we can help you design the fence of your dreams. Get some inspiration from our Walls and Fences gallery today.

Decorative Carport Design and Custom Structures

We would love to design a custom structure, like a gazebo or pergola, just for you. See some examples of these in our Structures gallery.

Xeric Design

Xeric (pronounced zerik) simply means 'dry' in Greek and xeric design encourages water conservation. Xeric plants are adapted to dry conditions and require little water during the growing season.  Native plants are a beautiful and drought tolerant choice as they are adapted to naturally occurring weather cycles.  MasterScapes® registered Landscape Architect is a native plant specialist. Check out our Xeric Design gallery to see the beauty of native plants!