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Benefits Of Mulching

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Why You Should Use Mulch

Did you know that mulching is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your landscape?

 Mulching around trees and beds minimizes evaporation, moderates soil temperature, inhibits weed growth, and helps control erosion. Natural mulches, like compost, shredded bark, and leaves, also improve soil conditions as they decompose.


Here Are The Benefits of Mulching:

Nourish Your Soil And Conserve Water
Mulch helps to cover the soil and limit evaporation. Mulches absorb water and allow your landscape to retain moisture that will nurture your plant growth. Especially during the summer, mulch will give the water to your plants.
Suppress Weeds
Adding mulch to your landscape can reduce the number of weeds that grow. Mulch acts as a natural barrier in your landscape, it limits the amount of sunlight that reaches the soil. When sunlight can’t find its way to the weeds, the weeds will not grow.
Regulate Ground Temperature
Mulching will moderate the temperature of the soil. During Summer, plant roots will be kept cooler by mulch covering the soil. During the Winter, mulch protects plant roots from the cold and helps to prevent frost.
Prevent Erosion
Mulching protects the soil by breaking the fall of water and diminishing the power when water impacts the ground. Soil compaction can affect crops’ roots, reducing plants’ growth and development. Adding mulch will help to keep your landscape in place.

Keep your landscape looking attractive by adding fresh mulch to your beds!

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