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 Fall Season Flowers

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Give Your Fort Worth Area Home Or Business Some Color This Season With Fall Seasonal Flowers

North Texas can experience the extremes of weather in just about any season. Many homeowners often ask us what flowering plants perform best in the fall in this area. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • These are the best options for Fall and Winter colors in West Texas because they thrive in cool weather and will bounce back after hard frosts to resume blooming.
  • Pansies have relatively large faces and come in the broadest range of colors.


  • Petunia flowers are popular because they have large full blooms with color varieties in pink, purple, red, white, blue, lilac, rose, and yellow.
  • They grow well in landscape beds, container pots, and hanging baskets.


  • Used as cool-season annuals, ornamental cabbage, and ornamental kale inject a dose of color into otherwise dormant Winter landscapes with rosettes of purple, green, white, and/or gray foliage.
  • In the Spring, the yellow flowers bolt upward to provide a secondary element of interest.


  • Solitary, frilled, brightly, colored fragrant flowers in white, pink salmon, red, and lavender.
  • Blooms wonderfully from early Summer to Fall and brightens flower beds, borders, containers or rock gardens. Can be perennial in some areas of Texas.
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fall seasonal flowers petunia
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