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 Grass Cutting Service Fort Worth

At MasterScapes we can help maintain your lawn all year long with just one phone call. Give us a call today and start enjoying your perfectly maintained yard.

Grass Cutting Service

Our job is to ensure that your outdoor space is dependably maintained weekly. Our Property Care crews are out Monday through Friday, and most of what they do is mowing. We take a lot of care to ensure we are doing the best way possible. The most common types of turfs we maintained are Bermuda and St. Augustine.

Bermuda grass

· It prefers extended periods of high temperatures, mild winters, moist conditions, and more than 16 inches of rainfall a year

· This grass can grow in extreme climate conditions because of its extensive root system

· Depending on your preference, it could be maintained relatively short


St. Augustine grass

· This grass does well in full sun or partial shade and is the most shade-tolerant warm-season grass available for Texas

· It needs to be maintained relatively short

· It should be mowed every 5 to 7 days and less often when the lawn is drought stressed

Regardless of your turf, mowing consistency is one of the most important pieces. We maintain properties on a weekly basis, mainly to ensure we never cut off too much of the grass and not to stress it. Weekly maintenance helps us to keep a healthy and beautiful landscape.

Choose MasterScapes Lawn Care and Landscaping

Our Property Care members are highly trained. They are great at what they do. They maintain sharpened mower blades and use stick edgers along the sidewalks and curves to give that crisp green look. Every property is a little different, so we like to get to know the property and tailor the service to its needs.

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