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Irrigation Services Fort Worth

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Irrigation Services

MasterScapes’ Water Management service is the go-to solution for effective and efficient Water Management in any outdoor space.

Our team of professionals assesses the many factors to consider when programming an irrigation system, including sprinkler heads, nozzles, drip type, plant type, terrain, water restrictions, and various microclimates.


The Smart Irrigation Plan is the annual care for our client’s smart irrigation systems.

Once the system is installed and programmed, our team will perform annual assessments on each irrigation zone to ensure maximum coverage and make any adjustments needed.
With Smart Technology, we are able to monitor our clients’ system remotely and make adjustments directly from our office. This plan covers minor replacement or repairs to sprinkler heads, nozzles, and drip irrigation (all other services will be considered major).
MasterScapes also offers the installation of a flow meter to provide additional, valuable irrigation information. This added feature is installed with smart controllers and notifies our team when breaks or significant changes in water use are detected. If a problem is identified, we can shut off the system remotely and quickly schedule an appointment to diagnose the issue.
*Minor replacements include replacing or repairing heads and nozzles and repairing drip line. MasterScapes reserves the right to determine whether needed repairs are minor.

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Our Property Care experts can evaluate your outdoor space and recommend the right irrigation plan best suited for your lawn. At MasterScapes our goal is to ensure your landscape stays healthy and beautiful all year long! To learn more about this service call us now!

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