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Lawn Care In The Fall

At MasterScapes we can help meet all of your fall lawn care needs for residents and businesses in the Fort Worth area

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Fall is an important season for landscaping and lawn care In Fort Worth, but it is often mistakenly overlooked. Even though we have moderate temperatures, adequate rainfall, and shorter days in the Fall, we must ensure our landscape receives the proper care to keep it healthy throughout the year.


MasterScapes Fall Lawn Care Services

Pick up the fallen leaves
Picking up the fallen leaves is an essential job in the Fall, and the benefits of removing leaves go far beyond aesthetics. If dead leaves remain on the turf through Winter, they block the lawn from getting necessary sunlight for spring growth, and they can form a dense, wet mat promoting severe plant diseases. At MasterScapes, we mulch 99% of the leaves! 
Add seasonally appropriate fertilizer
Fertilizing in the Fall provides energy and nutrients for the turf as it multiplies in cooler weather before going dormant. The roots store food for the Winter as well, which gives the turf an initial growth boost when it emerges from dormancy in the Spring.
Mow the grass at the right height
Maintaining an accurate mowing height is essential in keeping your turf healthy, prepared for Winter, and well insulated. If you allow the turf to grow too long, it tends to form mats, which makes it weak to a host of fungal problems.
Water your landscape accordingly
Even though the leaves are changing, the growing season is slowing down, and your turf isn’t growing as fast, your landscape still needs water in the Fall. Fall watering helps your turf recover from Summer stress and gain strength for the Winter ahead.
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