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Landscape Maintenance


Our maintenance technicians take care of all aspects of your property year-round.

Our Property Care Services


Scheduled year-round visits include edging along walks and drives and blowing off hard surface areas. Additionally, we include leaf clean-up during the winter season.

Bed Cleaning

Scheduled recurring visits include hand pulling weeds and removing debris from specified bed areas.

Shrub Trimming

Scheduled recurring visits include mechanical trimming of specified shrubs to maintain their shape.

Water Management

The go-to solution for effective and efficient water management. We can assess the many factors involved in programming and managing the technology being developed for smart water usage in your landscape. 

Weed Control and Fertilization

Timely seasonal visits promote turf and ornamental plant health by delivering nutrients that encourage growth and applying products that control pest populations, weeds, insects, and fungi.

Supplemental Services

MasterScapes offers a variety of supplemental services including seasonal color, core aeration, top dressing, fire ant treatment, deep root feeding, and bed mulching.


How much does it cost?
Prices of our services are determined by factors like size of your property and the necessary services needed to maintain the different features of your landscape. 
When will I receive my bill?
Once services are rendered, you will receive your bill at the beginning of the next month.
How do I pay my bill?
You can mail a check, or you can pay your invoice online at masterscapes.com via the client portal. If you need help our Client Service Specialists are available.
What is your service area?
Our Property Care, or annual maintenance services, are available in the Abilene area and the Greater Fort Worth area. To determine if our services are available in your area give us a call.
When is my mowing day?
Once we receive your acceptance of services, a Client Service Specialists will give you a call and let you know your regular mowing day. We will also want to discuss helpful information like, gate access and codes, parking expectations, and even pet information. 
Why pair weed control and fertilization with mowing?
We have learned over the last 30 years that consistent mowing combined with an effective fertilization and weed control plan, along with adequate watering, are the foundation to having a healthy, attractive lawn.
Why are your plans year-round?
We have learned through our 30 years of experience that year-round/annual care is the best for your property. We do make visits during the non-growing season to pick up leaves and other small debris. We will also keep the flower beds looking great and free of those pesky Winter weeds. Keeping properties consistently maintained all year long is very important. 
Can you just mow one time?
Because of our commitment to achieving year-round results, we don’t offer one-time services. We allocate all of our resources to our clients that have chosen to let us take care of them annually. 

From Our Clients

“I just wanted to personally reach out to you to thank you for how well you and your team take care of our property. Your team that you have out here each week does an AMAZING job.”
Keslea R. - Buffalo Ridge Apartments

“My yard looks great. I’m very happy with MasterScapes! It has definetely been a happy marriage so far.”
Jackson C.

“Since MasterScapes has taken over the landscape of the property, I don’t even recognize the place anymore. It looks great and I’m very happy with the service.”
Susan W. - Holiday Inn


Abilene, TX

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX