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MasterScapes Property Care Treatment Programs

Our landscaping services will ensure you enjoy your perfectly maintained yard throughout the year. To learn more, contact MasterScapes today.

Annual 6-Step Lawn Treatment 

With our 6-Step Lawn Treatment program, MasterScapes promises that you will simply enjoy your lawn instead of maintaining it yourself. Our lawn service technicians are well-trained and experienced, so we can treat any lawn problem you may have. We have offered lawn care services in Fort Worth for decades and are committed to protecting your lawn all year long. In order to help your lawn prosper, our company uses the latest fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and weed preventatives. The installation of your new lawn will not only enhance the curb appeal and value of your home, but it will also provide your family and guests with artistry and comfort. Due to the combination of these unique factors, lawn treatments provide a lifetime of benefits for an investment that will prove worthwhile for years to come.

We are passionate about providing quality lawn care for patients throughout the Fort Worth region, and that is why MasterScapes was founded in the first place. The MasterScapes lawn care company has many regular clients and we strive to build long-term relationships with as many homeowners as possible to keep their lawns maintained and protected. Call MasterScapes today for a free quote.

Supplemental treatments for:


Deep Root Feeding 

Using high-pressure equipment, specialized fertilizers are injected directly into the soil around the roots of trees, making the trees healthier and more vigorous as a result. Over the winter, trees that are deep root fertilized will store water and nutrients for much longer to promote regrowth in the spring.


6-Step Bed Treatment

Among our products are insect repellents, pre-emergent weed control, fertilizers, and weed control. In order to enhance the beauty of your home, a flowerbed or mulch bed is important. However, weeds and insects can cause an unsightly presence if your lawn is not maintained properly. Spot spraying and inspection services are available upon request.


Insect and Fungus Control

MasterScapes offers professional lawn spraying services so you can protect your lawn from pests and fungi. As insects and fungi can destroy a lawn in a matter of weeks, taking early and preemptive action can keep your lawn protected.

Grub Prevention

Pests like grubs will feed on your lawn’s roots, causing significant damage. We can control them either preventatively or curatively, both eliminating the grub on your lawn and preventing future ones from causing more damage.

Fire Ant Prevention

In our single application treatment for fire ants, we guarantee that the fire ants will be removed from your property in no time.

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