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 WP Nozzle

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Here Is How To Adjust A MP Nozzle

Nozzles need to be adjusted in order to put water where we want it, and not where we don’t. Improperly adjusted nozzles waste precious water can cause structural damage, and lead to poor plant health. 

There are three important aspects to each nozzle:

  • The flat alignment stops
  • The adjustment ring and
  • The radius screw 

 When standing behind what you intend to irrigate, align the flat adjustment stop at the far-left boundary of what you intend to irrigate by grabbing and turning the sprinkler stem.  The stop indicates the furthest area to the left or the furthest area counterclockwise you want the nozzle to water.  

 The right stop is simply set by turning this silver ring clockwise or counterclockwise. 

 Finally, adjust the throw or radius of the nozzle by turning the small screw located in the center of the head.

The nozzles in the correct position will help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

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