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Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Lawn Care During The Summer

Summer is one of the best seasons to spend time with family and friends outside in nature. Having a beautiful landscape is the first step to enjoying your outdoor space. 

Giving your lawn the correct nutrients and getting rid of weeds and pests will ensure that your landscape is healthy.

During Summer, our Team Members will:

1. Treat Your Lawn For Summer Weeds And Pests

Common weeds generally grow during this Summer season. A preventive pre-emergent will suppress weed growth.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing in early Summer can give your grass a boost to grow thick and healthy.

3. Mow The Grass At The Right Height

Mowing according to the type of grass will help ensure that the roots reach deep, and prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

4. Water Your Lawn Accordingly

Warm temperatures and dry weather can decrease the soil moisture needed for lawn health. Use the following as a guide to make sure your lawn is getting the right amount of water during Summer.


Have a trained technician ensure that your irrigation system is running smoothly!

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