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Tips to Protect your Lawn During Winter

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Many things you need to do to have a healthy and beautiful landscape during Spring and Summer start during the Winter when temperatures are low.

Below are some tips that you need to consider during the season.

Mow constantly

To keep your lawn healthy over the Winter, you should mow it constantly. MasterScapes offer biweekly mowing during this season. Doing this will help to prevent the damage caused by the cold weather.

Remember that tall grass in Winter can attract animals that like to hide in cold weather.

Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is crucial in keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful throughout the year. One of the best times to plant grass seed and fertilize is during Winter. This encourages growth by the time Spring arrives. Fertilize during the Winter replaces the nutrients your soil loses during the Summer.

Aerate your lawn

The grass tends to get compacted because of the traffic of people and equipment. This could cause the lawn to turn dry and weak the roots. Aeration can help to bring air into the grass and allow water to reach.

Avoid heavy lawn traffic

Dormant grass tolerates moderate traffic, but a heavily worn path will decrease the green-up during Spring and cause compaction. Try to prevent foot traffic on your Winter lawn.

Winter lawn Protection Forth worth
Winter Lawncare Fort Worth

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