When Should Shrubs Be Cut Back? 

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When should shrubs be cut back?

Maybe you have been wondering when you should cut your shrubs back. The reality is that shrubs that are noted for blooming in the spring season should be trimmed during the period of early winter. Thus, we mention here some shrubs that bloom in spring that you should consider trimming in the early part of the winter season. They are:

  • mockorange
  • forsythia
  • deutzia
  • lilac
  • vibranium
  • azaleas
  • flowering quince
  • rambling roses

If you have shrubs that tend to bloom during the summer season, then the ideal time to prune those shrubs is during the spring season. Therefore, the shrubs that you should trim in the spring season are:

  • roses of Sharon
  • Anthony Waterer spirea
  • glossy abelia
  • sweetshrub
  • butterfly bush
  • Japanese spirea
  • Floribunda roses
  • tea olive
  • as well as the majority of shrub roses

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Common Tools Used to Trim Shrubs

You need to ensure the proper trimming of your shrubs if you happen to notice that there are some parts on the shrubs that are diseased, damaged, or dead. Also, you may want to do a trim in the spring or winter if the shrubs have grown overly large, look unkempt and you want to make them shaped more nicely. Thus, the tools that you will need for this task include:

  • bypass pruning shears
  • a pruning saw
  • loppers.

It is important to make sure that the blades of your tools are sharp. You may opt to sharpen the blades of your tools yourself or you can have them professionally sharpened. In addition, you need to clean the blades between the trimming of each shrub. To do this, you should apply some rubbing alcohol for the sake of cleaning the tools. Also, you can use a solution of bleach that is diluted for cleaning the blades of your tools.


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