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 When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

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Aerating Your Lawn

Aeration is one of the most important jobs you should consider including in your services to maintain a healthy, good-looking, and beautiful landscape. 

The process of aerating a lawn is simple. The aerator runs across the lawn and pulls small soil cores out. The cores will lay down on the turf, and then within a few weeks, you will see them begin to break up or dissolve as you mow and begin to water more often. 

By aerating your lawn, we are trying to help hit the most out of our watering and the most out of fertilizations. We are trying to allow air into the soil. Soil becomes compacted over time because of heavy foot traffic, pets that run in the same direction around the fence, or you may have other types of machinery that compact the soil. So as that happens, you begin to have a weak root system. Aeration creates extra pore space in the soil, allowing air, nutrients, and water to enter and reach where they need to. All these help roots to flourish.

The perfect time to aerate your lawn is during Spring and Summer. Now is the time to act to get the healthy, beautiful landscape you’ll be proud of all year long!

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