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Why Fertilizing your Lawn is Important

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Fertilizers are important in lawn care because they supplement the grass with needed nutrients. To have a beautiful and healthy lawn, you need to fertilize your lawn.

There are three primary nutrients plants need to grow:

1. Nitrogen – keeps plants green and healthy and helps to boost plant productivity. This nutrient produces chlorophyll, amino acids, and healthy proteins. It makes the grass     look green and allows it to spring back up during Spring.

2. Phosphorus – helps to convert sunlight and other nutrients into food.

3. Potassium – helps plants use water and resist drought. This nutrient is very important for improving stress tolerance, making your lawn less vulnerable to environmental fluctuations and disease.

Fertilizers contain the three essential nutrients needed for the plant to grow.

Three benefits of fertilizing your lawn are:

  1. Boost new growth
  2. Maximize nutrients and water absorption
  3. Enhance growth rate and fruit production

At MasterScapes, we recommend following a regular fertilizer plan throughout the year. That way, your landscape will get the most nutrients added to the soil.

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Fertilizing lawncare

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