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Xeriscape Landscaping

Did you know that xeriscape comes from the Greek word “xeric,” meaning dry or arid?

Xeriscape is a type of landscape design that uses low-water-use or drought-tolerant plants that require little to no supplemental irrigation.

Some benefits of Xericscaping are:

1. Saves water

This is one of the best benefits of xeriscaping. A xeriscape uses significantly less water to maintain your landscape. The native plants used in xeriscapes are adapted to the region, climate, and soil type, so it requires much less water than turfgrass. In addition, hydro zoning, which is grouping plants based on water requirements, helps you optimize water use. 

2. Saves Money

When you are saving water, you are also saving money. Xeriscaping can reduce your water bill by 50% to 75%. Native plants and rocks cost much less than sod, which also allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining your landscape. Xeriscaping is a low-maintenance alternative that will help you to optimize your budget. 

3. Reduce Fertilizer Usage

As mentioned, the native plants used in xeriscapes are usually from the region, so the use of fertilizer is not needed. Using rocks as a cover also decreases your need for chemical treatments.

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