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Protecting your Lawn in Winter and Preparing for Spring

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MasterScapes is a dependable landscape company committed to improving outdoor spaces. We aim to create the perfect space for you and your family by keeping your landscape looking beautiful all year. When you partner with us, you can trust that your landscape will be professionally cared for.


We help our clients make a good first impression by professionally and consistently caring for their outdoor spaces. Our experience spans across industries that include hospitals, senior living, hospitality, office buldings, and more!

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Our Landscape Architects will use their knowledge and experience to develop a master plan that makes the most of your outdoor space


Our Landscape Professionals will implement the master plan and bring your dream outdoor space to life


Our Property Care Experts will take care of all aspects of your landscape year-round

Early gardening strategies should include Spring lawn care planning. Cold weather can weaken your lawn to the point where mold, grass diseases, and other problems can develop. As a result, your grass may have a hard time recovering. While spring is still a little ways off, there’s plenty of advice you can follow during the Winter months to keep your lawn healthy. This will prevent costly mistakes in the Spring.


Getting Your Lawn Rady for Spring


Start mowing your lawn more frequently when the temperatures have warmed up enough so your soil is warm and dry. Take precautions not to trim too low, as this could expose the root system and leave it open to further damage.


Make sure your lawn is in good shape


The yard has experienced a cold winter. Identify what areas of your lawn need repair first. Depending on how much debris, thatch, and leftover wet leaves you have on your lawn, raking may be necessary. This will help prevent mold and fungi from growing.


Make your lawn look beautiful


When you see compacted soil, you can do a few things to fix the issue. Professional aeration can help your lawn’s root system grow and expand by removing soil plugs.


Make sure your lawn is ready


Every year, weed seeds germinate from the seeds that survived the cold months, so applying a pre-emergent will stop them from germinating and provide more breathing room for your lawn. 


Keeping your lawn safe for Winter: What can you do right now?


Mow constantly

To keep your lawn healthy over the Winter, you should mow it constantly. MasterScapes offer biweekly mowing during this season. Doing this will help to prevent the damage caused by the cold weather. Remember that tall grass in Winter can attract animals that like to hide in cold weather.


Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is crucial in keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful throughout the year. One of the best times to plant grass seed and fertilize is during Winter. This encourages growth by the time Spring arrives. Fertilizing during the Winter replaces the nutrients your soil loses during the Summer.


Aerate your lawn

The grass tends to get compacted because of the traffic of people and equipment. This could cause the lawn to turn dry and weak the roots. Aeration can help to bring air into the grass and allow water to reach.


Avoid heavy lawn traffic

Dormant grass tolerates moderate traffic, but a heavily worn path will decrease the green-up during Spring and cause compaction. Try to prevent foot traffic on your Winter lawn.

protecting your lawn

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