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Annual Overseeding Lawn Service

At MasterScapes we can help meet all of your seasonal lawn care needs for residents and businesses in the Fort Worth area

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Annual Overseeding is an essential service of any lawn care maintenance. Overseeding helps fill the spots of your turf that may be uneven. It’s planting seeds into your existing turf without cutting up the turf. If you have uncovered areas, want to improve your turf, or enhance your lawn’s color, overseeding your yard can help you with that.

Benefits of Overseeding:

  • Fills areas of turf damaged by insects, diseases, or summer stress
  • Increases and thickens the density of your lawn
  • Improves the appearance of your lawn
  • Enhances your lawn’s ability to fight insects and diseases
  • It helps in reducing weeds

At MasterScapes, we overseed with fescue and ryegrass.

The temperatures of late September and early October are perfect for overseeding.

Early October provides great temperatures for ryegrass to grow. It is important to cut the summer grass growth to ensure accurate seed contact with the soil.

On the other hand, Fall is the best season to overseed with fescue grass. Putting fescue seed three weeks before the first frost of the season is recommended. This will help the seeds to germinate with time, allowing roots to establish before winter arrives.

Annual overseeding lawn service in fort worth texas
lawn care overseeding

Overseeding is your solution to keeping your grass green and lively during the winter!

MasterScapes offers full-service annual programs for residents and businesses across Fort Worth. Contact us today for a quote or more details about our services.

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